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. Upload the templates: http://cmg2016.sciencesconf.org/conference/cmg2016/submit/TemplatesTexandDoc.zip

. Write the abstract preferably one page including figures, using tex or doc or docx format (from the templates).

. Generate a pdf

. Follow the link to the dedicated interface: http://cmg2016.sciencesconf.org/submission/submit

. Enter the title, select your preference, oral or poster communication, and the session. Select "Next step" at the bottom of the screen.

. Fill in the authors names and affiliations. Select "Next step" at the bottom of the screen.

. To upload the abstract on the site, select Browse" (or "Parcourir"), select the generated pdf, select "Upload". Similarly, "Supplementary data" can be up-loaded (e.g. as a .zip, .tar.zip or .tgz file), with the source files used to generate the pdf (.tex and figures, .doc ou .docx, ...). You can also up-load this way any comment you have as a text file. In particular, if you feel that your abstract could also fit in another session, this is where you should mention it. Again, select "parcourir" or "browse", and "upload". Select "Next step" at the bottom of the screen.

. Check the metadata and data and select "Submit". You should receive a confirmation email.

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