2 Fluids and Granular Flows > 2d. Cold Flows

Jérôme Weiss (IsTerre, Grenoble)
Ralf Greve (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Solicited Speaker: Agnieszka Herman (University of Gdansk, Poland)

Keywords: Ice dynamics, glacial flow, snow, sea ice, planetary ices

Cold flows comprise gravitationally driven flows of ice sheets, ice caps, glaciers and ice shelves, summarised as glacial flow. Of further interest is the flow of ice-air-water mixtures driven by gravity or atmospheric/oceanic circulation, most prominently represented by drifting snow, snow avalanches, sea ice and ice mélange.
In planetary environments, non-H2O ices play a role, such as the recently discovered nitrogen-ice glaciers on Pluto.
This session solicits contributions on theoretical, observational and laboratory work as well as modelling studies related to these phenomena.

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