3. Seismology, tectonics and rock mechanics > 3d. Tectonics and mantle dynamics

Paul Tackley (ETH) 
Yanick Ricard (ENS de Lyon) 

Solicited Speakers: Angela Limare, IPGP & Tobias Baumann, University of Mainz

Tectonics on Earth. Plate motion, formation of mountain ranges. Seismo-geodesy. Lithospheric deformation. Plate tectonics, subduction, rifting, shear zone, mantle convection, continental collision.

This session covers all aspects of tectonics and mantle dynamics from the smallest scales such as shear-zone formation to the largest scales involving mantle-wide circulation. Topics range from regional crustal deformation to the mechanisms for formation of plate boundaries and their dynamics (e.g. mountain building, subduction), the scaling of plate tectonics with planet age or planet size, the influence of plate tectonics on the deep interior, and the dynamics, evolution and structure of the deep mantle including influence of viscosity variations, chemical variations, and other complexities. Studies that use experimental approaches and/or develop mathematical scalings are particularly welcome.

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