4. Cross-disciplinary approaches, methods and data > 4b. Non-linear processes

Francois Pétrélis (LPS, ENS) 
Ilya Zaliapin (Univ. Nevada)

Solicited Speaker: Thierry Alboussière, ENS de Lyon

Keywords: Sources of non-linearities. Non-linear expansions and treatments. Instabilities and non-linear pattern selection. Complex geophysical networks.

The session aims at gathering researchers from different fields that have  a common interest in geophysical problems for which nonlinear effects play the main role. The topics include: sources of non-linearity,  non-linear  expansions and treatments, non-linear waves, instabilities and non-linear pattern formation. The session attracts contributions that deal with  diverse approaches to treat non-linearities, including but not limited to deterministic and stochastic PDEs, delay equations, variational  methods,  nonlinear time series, and complex geophysical networks. Both theoretical and observational studies are welcome.

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