4. Approches multidisciplinaires, méthodes et données > 4c. Géophysique Numérique

Jean-Pierre Vilotte (IPGP)
Malcolm Sambridge (Australian National Univ., Canberra)

Solicited Speaker: Andrew Valentine (University of Utrecht)

Keywords: Computational approaches. Scaling problems. Models and tools. Big data. Treatment of uncertainties. Inverse models. Data assimilation.

The nature of Earth’s sciences is changing with new discoveries emerging from statistical analysis and modeling of increasing volumes of digital data sets generated by new observational and monitoring systems. Fundamental research problems in understanding the structure and evolution of Earth and planets, from the surface to the deep interior, together with environmental, industrial and societal research challenges are the drivers for harnessing greater capability in data and computation. As a result inter-disciplinary collaborations are emerging in new research areas.

This session will focus on presentations of new transformative, ground breaking methods and technologies including - but not limited to – big data analytics together with in-situ data analysis, large-scale and high-performance simulation methods of multi-scale and multi-physics geophysical systems, statistical radiative source detection, restoration and imaging methods; probabilistic inversion and data assimilation methods in high-dimensional parameter spaces; stochastic methods for quantifying direct and inverse uncertainties, together with extreme events statistics. Contributions are encouraged, which describe the current state of the art and directions for the future of the field.

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