2 Fluides et Ecoulements Granulaires > 2a. Ecoulements Gravitaires

Olivier Roche (LMV, Clermont-Ferrand) 
Jeff Peakall (Leeds)

Solicited Speaker: Barbara Turnbull (University of Nottingham)

Keywords: Water and mixture flows. Avalanches, debris flows, turbidity and density currents, and other particulate-laden flows. Formation of sedimentary structures. Interactions between solids and fluids with gravitational instabilities (e.g. pockmarks, injectites).

This session is devoted to theoretical and experimental investigations of gravitational granular flows, in subaqueous or subaerial environments, and internal to sediments through processes such as sand injection. Special emphasis is placed on interactions between the granular phase and the interstitial fluid. Quantitative studies on turbidity currents, landslides, debris flows, snow avalanches, pyroclastic flows, injectites (among other phenomena), and associated related sedimentary structures are particularly welcome.

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