2 Fluids and Granular Flows > 2b. Granular flows and sediment transport

François Charru (IMFT)
Thomas Pähtz (Hangzhou, China) 

Solicited Speaker: Douglas Jerolmack, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Keywords: Dynamics of grains and grain/fluids mixtures. Aeolian and sub-aqueous sediment transport. Viscous and turbulent flows over erodible beds. Erosion and deposition processes.

Submissions in this section should concern the dynamics of granular and/or granular-fluid mixture flows, such as plane and annular shear flows, chute flows, heap flows, flows down inclined planes, aeolian and subaqueous sediment transport, snow drift, fluidized beds, and/or associated  erosion and deposition processes (e.g., bedform dynamics). Theoretical abstracts (e.g., simulations, fundamental analysis) with granular-flow perspective as well as abstracts concerning "conceptual" experiments (e.g., revealing new mechanisms/scaling laws) are most welcome.

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