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Laure Zanna (Oxford University)
Anne-Marie Treguier (Ifremer)

Solicited Speaker: John Taylor, DAMPT, Cambridge

Keywords: Oceanic processes at small and large scales. Ocean and atmosphere coupling. Ocean variability and predictability. Ocean sub-grid scale parametrizations. Nonlinear interactions and feedback.

Ocean dynamical processes on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales strongly influence the atmosphere and climate by storing, redistributing and releasing heat, freshwater and carbon. These nonlinear processes include local turbulence, sub-mesoscale and mesoscale processes, and the large-scale circulations. Understanding the nature of these processes and their interactions is a fundamental problem in geosciences and climate modelling.

In this session, we invite contributions related to the understanding of ocean dynamical processes, and their role and interactions in ocean and climate dynamics, variability and predictability. We welcome work on the nonlinear interaction between small-scales, their impact on the larger scale ocean dynamics and the atmosphere, and their representation in ocean models. Contributions ranging from theory, modelling and observational analysis are invited.

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