1. Systèmes terrestres et Planétaires > 1b. Atmosphère et climat

Claudia Pasquero (Univ. Milano-Bicocca, Italy) 
Freddy Bouchet (ENS de Lyon)

Solicited Speaker: Caroline Muller, LADHYX, Polytechnique

Keywords: Global circulation. Climate change and variability. Atmospheric processes at small and large scales. Cloud physics. Extreme meteo-climate events.

This session will focus on the large scale general circulation of the atmosphere, on smaller scale weather systems, on their mutual interactions and on their coupling with oceans and biosphere to create Earth climates and determine their temporal evolution. Specific topics will include extreme weather or climate events (such as heavy precipitations and heat waves), climate variability, paleoclimate changes, convection, cloud microphysics and parameterizations.
Submission of studies involving advanced mathematical tools addressing those phenomena is particularly encouraged.

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